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With a dedicated, experienced and qualified team combined with state-of-the-art technology, we have honed our skills to the point that we can manage each and every element of meetings, conferences or event projects from the original creative concept all the way through to on-site management and post-event evaluation. This attention to detail allows the team to manage diverse projects, ranging from a few high-powered corporate executives meeting at a bush lodge through to thousands of delegates at one of South Africa’s world-class convention centres.

The company’s majority shareholder, founded Reservations Hotline (the previous event management company) in the early nineties. The group quickly established a reputation as the leading conference facility sourcing company before broadening its scope to meet the growing demand for full conference and event management services.

The original goal of developing a full service agency is now a reality and African Earth Events offers a world-class service across all elements of the conference and event management disciplines. A well-refined project management service offers clients a reliable and professional entry point into the industry. Clients will remain confident in the knowledge that their project is in the hands of a dedicated team of professionals.

Statement of Intent

“As a leading conference and event management company within Southern Africa, we are committed to providing professional project management solutions that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. In so doing, we wish to contribute to the global recognition of the region and become recognised as an authority in our fields.”

We believe that original creative concepts can only be truly developed if the underlying organisational infrastructure has an orderly, well-managed logistical foundation. Great ideas without a solid and well conceived underlying plan would simply result in an event not living up to the original creative concept. We believe very strongly that a great plan is the foundation to a great event.

Great plans stem from the ability to see the bigger picture before articulating this into the day-to-day working details, planned and outlined in the finest detail. Having seen the power of our system at work our team is passionate about unlocking creative ideas using our sophisticated and systematic approach, a truly concept-to-completion service.

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